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  • Breeding range => Palearctic, Oriental Region : widespread inland subarctic to tropical zones: Eurasia, Indian subcontinent, se Asia, Philippines, New Guinea and Bismarck Archipelago
  • Nonbreeding range => sub-Saharan wc to ne, ec Africa; Middle East; s, se Asia and Indonesian Archipelago


  • C. d. curonicus - British Is., s, c Scandinavia, Iberian Peninsula and n Africa, across Russia to Sea of Okhotsk and Ussuriland, s through Turkey, Middle East to Iran, n Mongolia to ec China, Korean Peninsula, Taiwan and Hokkaido to Kyushu (n to s Japan) | Africa and s Asia
  • C. d. jerdoni - India to s China, n, c Thailand, e Cambodia and nc, se Vietnam
  • C. d. dubius - Philippines, New Guinea, New Ireland and New Britain (e Bismarck Archipelago)
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Diverse roepjes van de kleine plevier.

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Westzanerpolder Noordoever NZ - kanaal (NH)



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