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  • Breeding range => Palearctic : subarctic to temperate Palearctic in forest to scrub, montane in c, s: s, e Scandinavia and nw Europe (except British Is.) through n subarctic Russia to w Chukotskiy Peninsula and Kamchatka (e Russia); in s through n France, Switzerland, Slovenia to Bulgaria, n Turkey and the Caucasus, n Iran, c, s Afghanistan n to the Altai and s through Himalayas to nw Yunnan, Shaanxi and w Guizhou (nc, sc China)
  • Nonbreeding range => to lowland cultivation and scrub in Indian Peninsula, n, c se Asia to e China


  • C. e. erythrinus - n, c, e Europe to c Siberia | to India, Burma and Thailand
  • C. e. grebnitskii - e Siberia, n Mongolia, ne China and Korea | to Thailand and Vietnam
  • C. e. kubanensis - Turkey, the Caucasus, n Iran and Turkmenistan | to India
  • C. e. ferghanensis - e Kazakhstan to w China, w Himalayas, Pakistan and Afghanistan | nw India
  • C. e. roseatus - c, e Himalayas to c, s China | se Asia
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