Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Palearctic : w, c Eurasia and n Africa


  • P. m. newtoni - British Isles
  • P. m. major - mainland Europe to w, sc Siberia, the Caucasus and Asia Minor
  • P. m. kapustini - se Kazakhstan and nw China to Mongolia and e Siberia
  • P. m. corsus - Portugal, s Spain and Corsica
  • P. m. mallorcae - Balearic Is.
  • P. m. excelsus - nw Africa
  • P. m. ecki - Sardinia
  • P. m. aphrodite - s Italy, s Greece, the Aegean Is. and Cyprus
  • P. m. niethammeri - Crete
  • P. m. terraesanctae - Syria to ne Egypt
  • P. m. karelini - se Azerbaijan and nw Iran
  • P. m. blanfordi - n Iraq, nc, sw Iran
  • P. m. bokharensis - Turkmenistan and n Afghanistan to sc Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • P. m. turkestanicus - se Kazakhstan to sw Mongolia
  • P. m. ferghanensis - Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to w China
  • P. m. intermedius - ne Iran and sw Turkmenistan
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