Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • North America, Middle America, Palearctic : widespread


  • A. a. flavirostris - w Greenland | Ireland and Scotland
  • A. a. albifrons - n Russia | w Europe to e Asia
  • A. a. elgasi - s Alaska (USA) | n, c California (USA)
  • A. a. gambelli - Alaska and nw, nc Canada | s USA and n Mexico
  • A. a. sponsa - w Alaska (USA) | California (USA) and w Mexico


Breeding birds of Greenland and Northern parts of Russia. Many birds migrate to the South from november to march. The Netherlands is invaluable to the Siberian population of the Greater White-fronted Goose (ssp albifrons) because of the fact that 80% of the world population of this species stays within the Dutch borders during the winter months.

Translation (Dutch to English) by: Julian Overweg. Parts of the original descriptions that only refer to the Dutch situation are left out.

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