Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Breeding range => Palearctic : widespread; w, n Europe through n Russia and n Mongolia to Kamchatka and s through n, c Japan
  • Nonbreeding range => to s Europe, c Asia, ne China, Korean Peninsula, and Kyushu (s Japan)


  • P. p. pileata - British Isles
  • P. p. pyrrhula - n, sc, e Europe to c Siberia
  • P. p. europaea - w Europe
  • P. p. iberiae - sw France, n Iberian Peninsula
  • P. p. rossikowi - ne Turkey and the Caucasus
  • P. p. cineracea - w Siberia and ne Kazakhstan to e Siberia and ne China
  • P. p. caspica - Azerbaijan and n Iran
  • P. p. cassinii - e Siberia
  • P. p. griseiventris - Kuril Is. (e Russia), Hokkaido and n, c Honshu (n, nc Japan)
  • P. p. rosacea - Sakhalin I.
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Gekke roep van een mannetje in top van boom. Zang volgens collegavogelaar.

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