The Asian Hornet in the Netherlands

The Asian Hornet Vespa velutina is an invasive exotic species in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Active efforts are being made to detect and combat the damage this species causes to bees and other insects.

⚠️ The Asian Hornet can be confused with some other species. Many reports concern the European Hornet or a hoverfly that looks like a wasp.


Only the dark variant of the Asian Hornet can be found in Europe. These are strikingly black, especially compared to the European Hornet Vespa crabro. They do not have the typical yellow-black stripes of a wasp.

📷 The image recognition of and ObsIdentify can easily distinguish the Asian Hornet from other species in a good photo.

ℹ️ More information? View the PDF "Recognition of Asian Hornet" from EIS (Dutch).

Report Asian Hornet in the Netherlands

You will be asked to submit reports with photo. Reports without a photo are not usable.

From the EIS recognition sheet

Sightings European Hornet and other species

Your observations are most welcome. These are then used for nature research and conservation. You can report your observations

The European Hornet is a useful native species in the Netherlands, and is not controlled. Are you experiencing issues with these wasps? Contact your municipality.

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