Waarneming.nl is the largest nature platform in the Netherlands and part of the Observation International Foundation.

Volunteers perform a multitude of nature observations worldwide. When this information can be collected and shared, this data is a powerful tool for nature conservation, research, policy, education and experience.

This is our mission: To share observational data about global biodiversity, past and present, as a source of knowledge for the future. Facilitate observers around the world through a multilingual global observation system with a species registry for all known species and species groups in nature, flora and fauna, and share a data collection of validated field data through that system with anyone anywhere in the world. Open data is an important starting point for us.

We strive to form international partnerships with organizations such as flora and fauna study groups, natural museums and research institutes.

We adhere to the following code of conduct. Data of vulnerable species and locations can be blurred or hidden to prevent misuse.

For more information, please contact us by sending an email to info@waarneming.nl.


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