Code of conduct has many observers. We urge all its members to enjoy nature without causing disturbance or harm to the environment, allowing others to do the same. Respect the natural world in all its aspects.

  1. Keep sufficient distance from animals so as not to disturb them nor influence their natural behaviour. If they are at ease, animals are easier to observe. Our motto is: take a step back instead of forward. Be patient and reserved when an animal is temporarily out of sight or moves away. Keep calm if the animal moves. All these rules apply when taking photos or videos.

  2. Binoculars and telescopes are excellent instruments for observing animals at an appropriate distance.

  3. Never collect flora, fungi or fauna species that have a protected status. Only collect specimens of other species if this is necessary for identification or scientific research.

  4. Do not enter areas restricted to the public such as reserves, estates, gardens, meadows, etc.

  5. Please consider addressing people in the field if the well-being of flora, fungi or fauna is at stake. Do this in a friendly manner and be polite. If necessary, notify the responsible authority.

  6. Always stay on designated trails. If permitted to leave trails, please do so sparingly to avoid possible damage and disturbance.

  7. Do not make a mess and keep the outdoors clean. If possible, try to clean up litter.

  8. Keep dogs on a leash if indicated.

  9. Be an ambassador for other observers.

  10. On it is not permitted to upload images of nests and / or breeding birds. This is to prevent disturbance.

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