1 courtship/singing
Roeland Sies
Rijnstrangen - Jezuïtenwaai (GE)
Accepted (with evidence)
GPS 51.9190, 6.0247
RDS 198858 436919
Accuracy 5m
Source ObsMapp


photo for observation


Date 2023-05-03
Number 1
Activity courtship/singing
Life stage unknown
Location Rijnstrangen - Jezuïtenwaai (GE)
Observer Roeland Sies
Counting method unknown
Method seen and heard
Validated by Ronald Stolk
Ronald Stolk 2023-05-03 23:32

Beste Roeland Sies,

Plaats u de pointer nog op de plek vd vogel?

Dank en groet
Ronald Stolk
Regioadmin Arnhem e.o

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