Manual ObsMapp version 1.0

Table of contents

Table of contents

System requirements



Species settings

Species group settings


User settings

Add observation




Open Streetmap

System requirements

ObsMapp needs an android device with android version 2.1 or higher.

The best screen resolution is 480*800 , but higher or lower is no problem.

ObsMapp works on smartphones and tablets.

ObsMapp needs a gps for the location.

ObsMapp needs for installing software, updating specieslists and for downloading maps an internet connection.Either a wifi or umts/gprs/3g connection.

ObsMapp works offline in the field.


Start the download link

Push on this screen ‘Install’

After a few seconds this screen appears:

Push on the ‘Open’ button

The screen which appears notes no specieslist is available and prompt you to install one.

Click on ‘Yes’

This screen willl appear

You can choose to download one or all speciesgroup(s) from the choosen location

Click on ‘Ok’


After downloading the first speciesgroup the start screen appears.

By pushing on the android button ‘Menu’ ( depending om your device) and choosing for settings the folowing screen appears.

Species settings

In this screen you can decide which speciesgroup appear in the observation submit screen,

which names you would like to see and update or install speciesgroups from which source.

Primara speciesname : choose between the scientific or the choosen language name

Secondary name: if chooosen the scientific name will be visible

Remember species: The last choosen specie will become default .

Downloading : select the source of the specieslists

Species lists : update or download one or more specieslists.

Species group settings

For each available speciesgroup you can set the default activity , plumage parameters and which species types used in the add observation screen.

Note: if you select relatively common only common and relatively common species appear in the specieslist. If you want al species select ‘Very rare’


Location view: select the grid : Dutch grid, wgs84 coordinates or Area name.

Note if you select Area name you need internet access.

Automatic gps. If selected the gps wil start automatic if ObsMapp is started.

GPS interval : period between each gps reading.

Remember location: if selected ObsMapp wil remember the last selected location on the map

OSM file: You can download openstreetmap files for some countries from After copieing the file(s) to yor device you select te location by this parameter.

User settings

Sort view. Sequence of the observations view

Sort species list. Sequence of the species in the add observation screen.

Language species list: determines in which language the specieslist is available in the add observation screen.

NOTE !  The language of the software is depending on the device language.

Use landscape mode: By default ObsMapp does not rotate, if selected it will.

Start with submit sighting: The introscreen will be skipped.

Return : If selected you wil return to the observation overview screen after each new observation.

Show Keyboard : If selected the keyboard wil appear inmmidiately if you enter the speciesname field.

Data: enter you account data for or or .

Add observation

Gps icon:

Green: satellites are available.

Blue not enough satellites to set the location.

 Location determined by map or fixed location

map icon:  Click on this icon to start the map module and precise your location.

If you click you can choose between map or fixed location.

Select species: select the correct species form the list(if you want to change the speciesgroup choose menu ‘species group’.

With +/- you can decrease/increase number of individuals.

If you push +/-  a little longer the number will increase/decrease with factor 10.

additional info->’Details’

Remarks : Enter extra information about your observation

Certain : deselect if you are not absolutely sure about the id.

Exotic: select this option if you observed an escaped species.

Embargo: Select this option if you want to his this observation until a certain date

Obscure : Select this option if you only want to hide the exact coordinates for other people.

Push OK to confirm.

If ObsMapp can determine the location the Save button is avialable. If pushed you can immidiately enter a new observation


If you return to the main screen you can see the amount of observations entered until the last upload.

if you push the menu button you see these options

Delete all: All observations will be deleted.

Upload: All observations will be uploaded to the correct domain.

if you want to delete, edit of view one observation, click on  V the list will explode . If you push on one observation you get three options show, edit  delete. Choose delete to delete this observation.


From several screens you can reach the mapscreen.


If you open a map for 1 zoomlevel for the first time you need internet acces. If you have a gps fix your location will be visible:

You can change the location by dragging the needle to the desired location.

You can zoom in or out.

If you click on menu in the mapscreen several options appear.

By Map type you can change from map to satellite view and vice versa.

By sightings you can plot your observations on the map.

Open Streetmap

If you installed one or more osm files you can use the offline osm maps,